Yin or Yang?

Are you more Yin or Yang? You might have heard the terms Yin and Yang before. They are typically associated with Yoga or Chinese medicine. Knowing which one you are can really be beneficial. Yin and Yang refers to the contrast between some of these characteristics: feminine and masculine (personality not sex / gender) darkness

Control the Candy Chaos

Self control is hard any time of the year. October to January (for me at least) is significantly harder. It’s like the food just doesn’t stop. Everywhere you look, there are bake sales, candy baskets, friends-givings, work parties, kids’ parties, and so much more. And you should be able to enjoy yourself without worrying about

Piece of Mind Isn’t a Piece of Cake

Peace of mind is GOALS. Whether we realize it or not, our state of mind is a common denominator for A LOT. Without peace of mind, there is stress which can cause much more damage than we think. Our body’s main stress hormone is called cortisol. It aids other parts of our brain to control

Who is Pilates?

Today I want to talk about the history of Pilates. It is important to fully understand the origin of this exercise. It is very unique and different because its main purpose was not weight loss. Instead it was overall health and rehabilitation. Joseph Pilates was born in Germany in 1883. He suffered from rickets, asthma

Blessed NOT Broken

Happy Friday! 09/20/2019   My Happy Friday emails are raw. They may have typos. They may not make sense sometimes because I might have been half asleep while typing them. They might be really short if I don’t feel like I have much to share. Or they might be really long if I am feeling

Why the weight?

As a fitness instructor, it is inevitable that the topic of weight will come up from time to time. A lot of people let weight be the determining factor for more than it is responsible for. It’s like they use the number on the scale as a gauge for their overall health. Sometimes the first

A Child’s-Eye View

Do you remember how you used to view the world? I was riding around the other day and passed a run down house with a huge empty and unkept property behind it. It had a good amount of fallen trees with trunks that crossed over sitting water, big rocks, and little patches of colorful wildflowers

Mindful Words

This past Monday I posted on Facebook about being mindful with your words. Speaking for myself, I know that my mouth gets me in trouble ALL the time. Growing up, I was the type of kid that always had to have the last word (my poor parents had a time with me LOL).  Now, while

What is your goal?

Happy Labor Day Weekend! Put away your white shoes and take out your football jerseys because it is that time of year again. It is always sad to say bye to Summer but nice to welcome a new season of life. Today I want to talk about goals and tips on how to achieve them.

Why Pilates became my passion…

We have just completed the very first week of class at Studio 759 and this is the first official “Happy Friday” email…so surreal. I have been nonstop planning, wondering, stressing, worrying, hoping, and PRAYING. If you are new to my emails, I like to send a little newsletter every Friday with little bits of info,