Why the weight?

As a fitness instructor, it is inevitable that the topic of weight will come up from time to time. A lot of people let weight be the determining factor for more than it is responsible for. It’s like they use the number on the scale as a gauge for their overall health. Sometimes the first question a new client will ask me is, “Will I lose weight with Pilates?” And that leads me to wonder…why are they exercising in the first place? What is their goal? Is it to get healthy, feel better, strengthen muscles, extend the longevity and increase their quality of life? Or is it to weigh a certain number? I have been there. When I was struggling with eating and my own weight, I stepped on a scale every single morning. Sometimes I weighed myself multiple times a day. And it worked. I accomplished my “goal”. I lost weight like crazy and could keep it down. I did that for FOUR YEARS. And I was the most miserable, emotionally unstable, and unsatisfied I have ever been. It is so silly that the number on the scale can take over your life like that. But it does. So why do it? If you put forth the effort into daily exercise and balanced nutrition, you will achieve a healthy status. Life is stressful enough. So please take my advice and don’t purposefully put extra pressure on yourself by obsessing over your weight. It is JUST A NUMBER. There is the saying, “ignorance is bliss.” And in this case…it’s true. I am including a link to an article I found that further explains why weighing yourself is NOT the best way to monitor your health. https://www.insider.com/why-you-should-stop-weighing-yourself-2018-3 You are all great! Learn to embrace the body you have and know that you are different that everyone else. Everyone thrives off different diets and lifestyles. Stop judging yourself and stop letting a battery power piece of plastic determine your progress and your worth. -Jennie