Mindful Words

This past Monday I posted on Facebook about being mindful with your words. Speaking for myself, I know that my mouth gets me in trouble ALL the time. Growing up, I was the type of kid that always had to have the last word (my poor parents had a time with me LOL).  Now, while I am definitely still stubborn, I feel like I am a lot better and listening and letting the other person talk. However, when I am talking, my filter is pretty much non-existent. I tend to let nothing hold me back from saying exactly what is on my mind, which can be good or bad. So I wanted to challenge myself and all of you to make the conscience effort to be more mindful in the words you use every day. In Pilates or any fitness environment I cannot stress how important words are. Exercise is supposed to be a positive activity, so we have to use positive language (and this includes talking to yourself.) Stop telling yourself you’re too old, or it’s too hard, or you can’t, or you’re too fat. That mindset doesn’t help anyone. It also doesn’t help to encourage anyone by telling them they need to lose / gain weight or they need to eat more / less. This gives a negative vibe that sets the stage for failure. Instead, be positive and uplifting. Because you never know what is really going on behind the scenes of someone else’s life.