What is your goal?

Happy Labor Day Weekend! Put away your white shoes and take out your football jerseys because it is that time of year again. It is always sad to say bye to Summer but nice to welcome a new season of life. Today I want to talk about goals and tips on how to achieve them. 1. Identify your goal Do you want to aim for flossing your teeth every night? Are you wanting to lose a few pounds? Maybe you want to run a marathon. Maybe you want to volunteer more? Or you want to cook more meals at home. It could also be that you want to earn a certain salary. You might want to accomplish all of these goals and more. Whatever your goal(s) are you have to first identify them. 2. Know the WHY behind your goal You need passion and a concrete reason as to why YOU want to devote your time and energy toward this specific goal. Is it because of someone else or is it for you? Will it really bring you true joy in the end? Is it going to effect your health or your personal life in a negative way or will it benefit? 3. Consider the sacrifices All good things come with some sacrifice. Think…if your goal is weight loss, you can’t be a couch potato, go out with your friends every night, drink alcohol, or eat whatever you want. I am not saying you have to completely cut those things out, but you do have to analyze what is self sabotage and what is not. 4. Make sure your goal is maintainable If you know me, you know I hate restrictive diets. I think they are the absolute worst thing you can implement into your life if you have a weight or body goal. Restricing foods or anything for that matter is like being a little kid and having a big red button in front of you that says “DO NOT TOUCH.” Becuase then all you want to do it touch it. You have to make sure you set yourself up with a realistic goal that you can acually maintain and have it become part of your life. 5. Write your goals down Everyone has different goals and deadlines for when they want to reach them. I am a goal oriented person. So I love when I can check something off my goal list. So I encourage you to try this is you don’t already. Write down what you want to accomplish and when. Write down…”I will go to Pilates at Studio 7-5-9 every day this week.” LOL 6. Tell a friend Lastly, I highly encourage you to tell someone your goal. Give someone you trust the responsibilty of holding you accountable. So if you start to wander off your path, they can help encourage you to keep going. Whatever your goal or goals are, consider these things. I believe you can achieve all of them if you are passionate and in it for the right reason. Good luck, happy Labor Day Weekend, be safe, and I will see you next week! -Jennie