Once again, we have made it to yet another weekend. Relax, refresh, regroup, and REMEMBER…Monday is only TWO days away! (lol…tough love is still love) If you are new to my newsletter, WELCOME. Every Friday I write a short – or long, depending on the topic – message to our clients. I want Studio 759

Too Blessed to be Stressed

Hello everyone! I hope that all of you have had a great week despite the gloomy weather we have been having. Thanksgiving is next Thursday and I hope all of you are planning on relaxing and spending time with friends and family. The holiday season is supposed to be full of happiness, sweet memories, giving, and traditions. Unfortunately,

Personal Gifts

In light of Election Day being behind us, I would like to talk about personal gifts. Everyone has their own special “gift” that can be given to others to help, encourage, or be beneficial in some way. Every candidate that was elected for a public office in this midterm election needs to be prayed for

Holiday Blues

I hope everyone is staying warm while you prepare for Christmas festivities. I know that it is a busy time of year. However, I understand that it is an emotional time of year as well. Before I say anything else, you must understand that I am basically a Christmas elf because of the love I

Make the Bed

Before a session started this week, I had a good conversation with a friend that is going through some crazy times in her life. Although she has everything taken care of 100%. She feels like she is barely hanging on in order to do so. This is a common feeling I am sure we all

New year resolutions for 2019 and clock made of fresh fruits with vegetables and centimeter

Resolution and Regret

We have completed our first week back to Pilates! I hope 2019 is treating all of you well so far. Every new year is filled with new resolutions and thoughts of fresh starts. But it seems like January is always filled with so much guilt as well. I have never ever ever understood how one


Timing is something that is extremely important to all of us every single day. You use it for almost everything from the “time” your alarm wakes you up, to the “time” you take to get ready for the day, to the “time” it takes for your coffee maker to brew, to the “time” you must

Rolling up fitness mat for exercise copy space

Pilates Doesn’t Care

I hope everyone has had a great week. I had a great break but I am so ready to get back into our routine. If you are in one of the new groups starting next week please remember to stop by the front desk and pay BEFORE your first session. Feel free to message me

Coffee cup and spilt espresso on white background


TGIF…I can’t speak for everyone but I feel like this week has been “one of those weeks.” Whether it was a spilled drink that ruined clothes right before leaving the house, a child’s homework overload, unending job demands, or countless sports games, there has been A LOT going on. Well the cold hard truth is

A Hand with a candle

This Little Light of Mine

This week I want to go into detail on what I already posted on social media about being a light. The first time the phrase “being a light” really made sense to me was when I went to Nicaragua on a mission trip with Campus Crusades. For those of you that have experienced a foreign