A Child’s-Eye View

Do you remember how you used to view the world? I was riding around the other day and passed a run down house with a huge empty and unkept property behind it. It had a good amount of fallen trees with trunks that crossed over sitting water, big rocks, and little patches of colorful wildflowers here and there. As a child, I would have looked at this and seen a playground. The tree trunks would have seemed perfect for bridges across what I would have pretended to be huge lakes or oceans. The rocks would would have been deserted islands that threaten the chance to get stranded. And the wildflowers would have been my garden that I would pretend I grew myself or something I could pick and take home to my mom as a gift.

Needless to say, I had a great imagination as a kid 😂. But I think we all did. The point I’m trying to make is when I saw that property, I knew my childhood self would have called it beautiful. But my adult self just saw an unkept, snake-infested, swampy eyesore.

It is funny how our mindsets change as we age. It’s almost like we begin to see the world for what society makes it. And this negative lens gets placed over our eyes that blocks out the beauty that we once saw.

So I want to challenge all of you (myself included) to stop looking at life like an adult 24/7. Let’s start thinking like a kid again. Simplify the stuff that seems immensely complicated. Think positive thoughts before negative. View your bodies as wonderful creations that enable us to move and feel. Pilates teaches us to be present in our mind-body. Modifications allow us to alter exercises to fit our bodies needs.

We must focus on the positive things your body can and is capable of doing instead of reflecting on what it can’t.

Life can be beautiful. We just have to let it!