Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day!

I wanted to take some time and devote an email to this very special holiday. So not much Pilates talk, just love!

My life has been blessed with many women that have influenced me, shaped me, and treated me as their own. However, there is only one woman that is and will always be above all others. That woman is my mother.

When I was very little, I never wanted to be away from my mom. In fact, the big dream I had for my future was to drive a hot pink Expedition (AKA a pink version of the car she had at the time), attend Gadsden State Community College so that I could live at home, and be a bicycling mailman…I know, my bar was set very high. I wouldn’t spend the night away from home. And I even used to practice my handwriting so that I could perform her identical signature – that later paid off fabulously for forging middle and high school excuses ;). I just loved my mom.

However, as I got a little older my dad became my superhero, and I became a full-on daddy’s girl. My mom unfortunately got cast as the role of my punching bag. I know it is very hard to believe…but it has been rumored that I was not the easiest child to raise (hopefully this sarcasm is translating). I was stubborn, independent, always had to have the last word, and one might have even referred to me as rebellious.

Now my mom was not perfect, she had a full-time job, a husband, my older sister, and my younger brother to care for. She was busy, stressed, and would probably admit to numerous mistakes as a parent. But she definitely did not (and does not) deserve getting disrespected and taken advantage of. Still, no matter how terrible my hormonal, high strung, and adolescent self was to her, she would always forgive and forget.

In the fall semester of my senior year before leaving for Auburn, we experienced the very unexpected loss of my dad, and I noticed my relationship with my mom change. Our roles seemed to have balanced out a bit. I had to grow up and learn to understand this new world I was entering. She had to grow into her new role as a single mother.

These days, we still bicker and argue, but more like friends. We can discuss life with each other and battle life’s difficult times together. I am extremely proud to call her my mom. I think I can speak for my brother and sister as well, by saying that we have never once questioned her love for us, or her love for God. Although she can be silly at times, she has always been serious about her faith, and keeping the Lord at the center of our home.

She has never stopped me from being myself. She has been my cheerleader through all of my endeavors – especially Studio 7-5-9! She has helped me when I’ve needed her. And I hope that one day I can show my children and family the kind of unconditional love that she has instilled in me.

Now go hug your mom, your grandmother, your mom-in-law, your aunt, or whoever fulfills that motherly role in your life.




Proverbs 31:31, “Honor her for all that her hands have done, and let her works bring her praise at the city gate.” (NIV)