Fall-ified Brownies

Halloween and the holidays are right around the corner, so I feel the need to share a recipe hack! This is something I do a lot when I need a quick dessert for surprise company, or when I have a random sweet tooth. With this hack, you get to sneak in some healthiness so your treat isn’t completely sinful. First, mix your favorite brownie mix with one whole can of…PUMPKIN. Yes…canned, pureed, 100% pumpkin. This is so simple. If you know me well, you know I am a foodie, so this is probably the last thing you expected me to give you as a recipe. But you know, sometimes ya girl just don’t have the time to be extra. Therefore something simple and quick is just the ticket. Using pumpkin is a sneaky way to give your dessert a health kick. It is a great source of fiber, lutein (which supports eye health, memory, concentration, and focus). It is also packed with vitamins A, C, and zinc (all antioxidants and immunity boosters.) Pumpkin gives you a dose of tryptophan as well, which ultimately heightens your mood and helps you sleep. And don’t worry…you cant taste it! Second, bake at 350 for 15-20 minutes. Timing will differ depending on how deep the dish is you are using. You should also consider how “done” you want your brownies to be. Honestly, if I am making these for myself they stay in the oven for about ten minutes. I like GOOEY brownies. However, if I am making them for a crowd and want them to be pretty, they need to stay in until the edges are slightly crispy and the middle looks set. *PRO TIP: Find yourself a pumpkin (or otherwise festive) baking dish / cookie cutter. The more festive the better really! Third (and best of all), TREAT YO SELF Because you are using pumpkin instead of oil and eggs, this recipe does make the brownies more dense and fudgy. Therefore, they also come off the pan really easily. You should be able to let them cool and remove them from the pan with little difficulty. The rest is up to you. Frost them, ice them, toss some sprinkles on, or eat them as is. I do this all the time and I can’t wait to hear if any of you decide to try it as well. Happy baking! Pilates is all about balance. We can treat ourselves without feeling guilty. Everything in moderation! -Jennie