This Little Light of Mine

A Hand with a candle

This week I want to go into detail on what I already posted on social media about being a light. The first time the phrase "being a light" really made sense to me was when I went to Nicaragua on a mission trip with Campus Crusades. For those of you that have experienced a foreign mission trip, you know how amazing it is, and I will always encourage anyone to take the opportunity if they can. 

On my trip, we were so isolated from civilization that phones did not work, WIFI wasn't a thing, "air condition" was actually just wind from outside, and the only water source was a well. Now this was definitely not ideal for your seemingly high-maintenance Pilates Instructor...LOL...but the raw simplicity was surprisingly so peaceful. No distractions were there to take away the sight of what God was doing in our lives and in the people that we were ministering to. I felt closer to the Lord than I ever had before. So when I got back home, I wasn't just a light, I was a furnace, completely on fire for Christ. 

When we met with CRU for the first time after the trip, our leader was quick to warn us about that fire. He told us to think of ourselves as candles in a big house (the world). If there are many candles, then the house will be full of light (the world will be full of goodness). But if a number of those candles go out, darkness starts creeping in (evil). If there is only one candle, then that is still good but the darkness will overcome. Eventually that candle will be covered, the oxygen will run out, and darkness will win. 

Don't let darkness win. Be a light. Be positive about yourself, your body, and be positive to others. We have to use the love God has provided to encourage and uplift one another in Pilates and in life. 

I love you all and have a wonderful weekend! 

- Jennie