Resolution and Regret

New year resolutions for 2019 and clock made of fresh fruits with vegetables and centimeter

We have completed our first week back to Pilates! I hope 2019 is treating all of you well so far. Every new year is filled with new resolutions and thoughts of fresh starts. But it seems like January is always filled with so much guilt as well. I have never ever ever understood how one is supposed to just forget all the Christmas treats, throw away all the leftovers, and quit living in "holiday mode" over one night. Especially when that one night is traditionally filled with champagne! Therefore, we set ourselves up to fail. Then by January 2nd, you see a million tweets, memes, and statuses circulating social media that all read something like, "Well 2019 is messed up, maybe 2020 will be my year." 

Well I am here to tell you that it is okay if you did not start the first day (or even the first week) of the year off perfectly. Because a calendar cannot be in charge of your progress. Every day is a new day to try and be better. So, if you mess up, start again the next day. Don't punish yourself and give up. All of this applies to the Pilates world too!

We all need to give ourselves a little break and embrace the fact that we are human and make mistakes. We were not created to be perfect! All we can do is try our best, keep going, and set REALISTIC goals that can be reached. And we must give ourselves a sensible time frame to do so. Happiness is the ultimate prize. 

Be joyful in your decisions, love one another, and be a strong believer in YOU. 

- Jennie