Q&A How much do I workout

A lot of people assume that I work out for every class I teach and that is simply not true. If there is a free reformer I try to jump in on a workout once a day. But I also stop a lot during both classes often so that I can observe, correct form, etc. On days that I do not get in on a class that I teach, I will workout on my own or play with ideas for new routines. So every week for me is different, but mainly I try to exercise for an hour once a day (week days only). I rest on Saturday and Sunday and do absolutely nothing but walk my puppy! Working out can easily become addictive. I have fallen victim to it before and it caused me to really cripple my overall health. So now that it is my job, I am even more careful to not allow that to happen. Realistically, I think that an ideal week of exercise would be three one-hour workouts every other day that include strength training, toning, and stretching; then two to three sessions of cardio lasting anywhere from 30-45 minutes on alternate days. Always make sure to have one rest day to aid with recovery and sanity! LOL.  Most importantly do what fits your schedule and makes you feel your absolute best. Over exercising and being super restrictive with your diet will never end well. It can devastate your metabolism, inhibit your ability to build muscle, and send your body into starvation mode (meaning your body starts storing all food as fat instead of using it as fuel).  Like in Pilates, we all must find a balance in everything. Food, fitness, work, friends, family....all things in moderation! 

- Jennie