Coffee cup and spilt espresso on white background

TGIF...I can't speak for everyone but I feel like this week has been "one of those weeks." Whether it was a spilled drink that ruined clothes right before leaving the house, a child's homework overload, unending job demands, or countless sports games, there has been A LOT going on. Well the cold hard truth is that there is ALWAYS a lot going on. Sometimes life happens and it tries to bring us down with it. But those are the times that we have to switch gears and grow stronger. No matter what time of year, new things come into our lives, old things change, and we have to be ready for it all. The good news is we most definitely can be. Although we may not handle it with complete grace at the moment...we are all capable, smart, and independent. And best of all, we have God on our side. With him, there is no task, no project, no situation, no anything we can't do. So do your best and give God the rest! -Jennie